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本周(10.15-10.19)国内焊管价格小幅趋弱,截至10月19日,国内十大重点城市4寸焊管均价为 4656元(吨价,下同),比上周同期焊管价格上涨1元,其中中心城市天津涨10元、沈阳涨50元、成都降50元,其他各中心城市普遍报稳,个别小幅暗降。

This week (10.15-10.19), the domestic welded pipe price weakened slightly. As of October 19, the average price of 4-inch welded pipe in ten major cities in China was 4,656 yuan (tonnage price, the same below), 1 yuan higher than the same period last week. The price of welded pipe in Tianjin, Shenyang and Chengdu increased by 10 yuan, 50 yuan lower than that in the same period last week. A dark fall.


The price of Tangshan billet rose first and then fell this week. At present, the price of Tangshan billet is 3920 yuan, up 40 yuan from the same period last week. During the week Tangshan billet accumulated 40, concentrated in the early and middle of the week rose 70, the late week began to adjust a total of 40, business mentality is generally good, but the market is not hot, the operation of the overall shipment. Next week billet or consolidation.

带钢方面,截至今日唐山热轧带钢(2.5*355mm)唐山瑞丰4140,相比上周涨10。本周,下游管厂及镀锌开工率持续高位,旺季采货积极, 整体出货情况较为可观。但钢市长强板弱格局延续,热卷受制造业萎缩压制,价格承压下行。目前板带价差持续到挂,美联储加息预期推动黑色系期货全面跳水,市 场再度陷入恐慌,价格出现回落。目前价格相对较高,下游接受有限,不愿轻易高位囤货,所以操作多是随行就市为主,由于下游管厂和贸易商对后市不看好,所以 多是按需拿货,备货意愿不强,原材料端价格持续上移,商家大多不愿议价惜售。后期带钢涨后回落,北方冬季来临,下游需求逐步下降,加之钢厂政策合适,所以 多以出货为主,厂商多挺价操作,快进快出,当下南北价差商家利润空间狭窄,发货积极性降低,多空博弈下,钢坯依旧是支撑热轧带钢价格的有利因素,预计下周 市场价格或继续震荡运行。管厂方面

As for the steel strip, as of today, Tangshan hot rolled strip (2.5*355mm) Tangshan Ruifeng 4140, up 10 compared to last week. This week, the downstream pipe mill and galvanizing operation rate continued to be high, active season picking, the overall shipment situation is considerable. However, steel mayor's strong plate and weak pattern continued, the hot coil was shrunk by the manufacturing industry, and the price was under pressure. Currently, the spread between the board and the belt continues to hang, the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates to promote a full-scale dive in black futures, the market once again into panic, prices fell. At present, the price is relatively high, downstream acceptance is limited, reluctant to easily high hoarding, so the operation is mostly follow the market, because downstream pipe factories and traders are not optimistic about the future market, so mostly take goods on demand, the willingness to stock is not strong, raw material prices continue to move up, most businesses are reluctant to bargain. Later, the strip rose and fell back, the northern winter came, the downstream demand gradually declined, coupled with the appropriate policy of steel mills, so more shipments, manufacturers more stimulus operation, fast in and out, the current North-South price gap merchants profit space is narrow, shipment enthusiasm is reduced, multi-empty game, billet is still supporting hot-rolled strip prices Favorable factors are expected to continue to oscillate next week. Pipe factory

本周,津冀地区管厂出厂报价窄幅调整为主,整体偏谨慎。周初,受原料钢坯价格小幅上调带动,虽然幅度不大,但给钢市传递信心,整体成交有所放量, 津冀地区大部分管厂出厂报价顺势上涨;但价格上涨以后,管厂反馈高价位成交受阻,尤其唐山地区运输车辆难找也在一定程度上影响市场成交;周后期,管厂出厂 报价普遍报稳为主,临近周末小幅下调,整体态度仍偏谨慎,成交较上周有所减少。本周,尚无重大利好或利空,现货市场受期货影响较明显。另外,临近周末唐山 钢铁企业秋冬季错峰生产名单公示,但目前来看对市场暂无明显影响。目前,厂内原料和成品库存均有所降低,对后期走势仍有支撑。成本方面,以唐山地区为例, 目前主流管厂4寸焊管出厂报价为4390-4610元,与主导钢厂355mm系列带钢出厂价相差200元之余,除去带钢厂的优惠政策、管厂出货时议价空间 以及其他各地原料运输成本等各方面因素,目前管厂盈利空间尚可。

This week, the Jimi area's factory factory quotes are mainly narrow, and the whole is cautious. At the beginning of the week, driven by a slight increase in raw material billet prices, although not much, but to the steel market to pass confidence, the overall volume of trading, most of the Tianjin-Hebei region pipe factory ex-factory quotes rise; but after the price rise, pipe factory feedback high price transaction hindered, especially in Tangshan region transport vehicles difficult to find also to a certain extent. Affect the market transaction; Late week, the factory quotation generally stable, near the weekend slightly downward, the overall attitude is still cautious, transaction than last week decreased. This week, there is no significant positive or bad. The spot market is more affected by futures. In addition, near the weekend of Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in autumn and winter staggered peak production list published, but at present look no obvious impact on the market. At present, the inventory of raw materials and finished products in the plant has been reduced, and there is still support for the latter trend. In terms of cost, taking Tangshan area as an example, the current 4-inch welded pipe ex-factory quotation of the mainstream pipe mill is 4390-4610 yuan, which is more than 200 yuan different from the 355mm series strip ex-factory quotation of the leading steel mill. In addition to the preferential policies of the strip mill, the bargaining space at the time of delivery of the pipe mill and other factors such as the transportation cost of raw materials in various parts of the country, the pipe mill is profitable at present. It is still possible.

监测数据显示,截至10月19日,唐山友发产4寸(3.75)新国标焊管现金出厂价格为4390元,比上周同期涨20元;唐山京 华产4寸(3.75)新国标焊管现金出厂价格为4420元,吉立(正大)产4寸(3.75)新国标焊管现金出厂价格为4420元,比上周同期降20元。

Monitoring data show that as of October 19, Tangshan Youfa 4 inch (3.75) new national standard welded pipe cash ex-factory price is 4390 yuan, 20 yuan higher than the same period last week; Tangshan Jinghua 4 inch (3.75) new national standard welded pipe cash ex-factory price is 4420 yuan, Jili (Zhengda) 4 inch (3.75) new national standard welded pipe cash ex-factory price is 4420 yuan, compared with the same period last week Drop 20 yuan.


本周,下游各市场焊管报价普遍以稳为主,个别地区如成都、重庆等城市因当地各商家竞争压力较大,价格出现明显下跌,成交一般。笔者从市场了解的情 况来看,目前各地区成交均不理想,其中东北地区由于天气渐冷,大部分工程处于收尾阶段,操作方面贸易商有意识削减库存,其他地区也多维持较低库存出货为 主。据贸易商反馈,进入10月份以来, 十一 国庆节前后整体成交尚可,但中旬以来就成交不畅,多地有暗降操作,目前贸易商也普遍采取降库存操作,大部分地区库存较前期有所降低。

总的来看,传统 金九银十 只剩下10天左右的时间,从市场调查来看,不管是管厂库存还是市场库存均出现降低,整体基本面的支撑条件仍在。但是目 前来看市场情绪仍偏于悲观,采暖季前的赶工也尚未完全启动和释放,后期市场需求能否持续跟进仍是个未知数,因此后期钢市或仍在反复震荡中前行。下周国内焊 管价格也将震荡盘整运行。

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